This changes everything

For Christians the events 2000 years ago on Good Friday and Easter Sunday really do change everything.

The death and rising from the dead of Jesus Christ, as evidenced by eye witness accounts of His crucifixion and empty tomb, give our world hope.

A hope that is real and true and reaches beyond death to the resurrection of the dead in Christ. A hope centred in the love for this world of a Heavenly Father God.

Join us for our Easter services as we unpack how the events of Easter can, for you, change everything.

Our Easter Services

Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service

Friday, 2nd April 2021, 7.30PM to 8.30PM

A service of reflection on the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and His saving grace, including a series of readings and songs and a Bible message. The service will only be available online.

Family carol service

Easter Sunday Service

Sunday, 4th April 2021, 11AM to 11.45AM

We will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and how Jesus changes everything. The church building will be open for this family service, as well as being available online. We will be following necessary protocols, including wearing masks, using hand sanitisers and adhering to social distancing. You are very welcome to join us.

Easter Sunday Evening Service

Easter Sunday Evening Service

Sunday, 4th April 2021, 7PM to 8PM

We will be continuing our online series looking at some of the characters who encountered Jesus in the last days before His death and resurrection.