Working Together

The life of a large Church fellowship needs to be co–ordinated and in recognition of this we have appointed an Operations Manager, employed on a part time basis. We organise ourselves using seven co–ordinating teams and about twenty work groups. The co–coordinating teams cover finance, AV, youth policy, ministry, overseas mission, outreach, and child protection. The Operation Manager has day to day responsibility for the physical fabric of the building and for Health & Safety issues. The work groups cover everything from catering to communications.

Church members usually serve on teams like these for three years, before moving on to a new sphere of service.

Day to day co–ordination of church life is carried out by our full time support team. The team is managed by the Operations Manager assisted by four other salaried staff members, and supported by a number of volunteers from the Church. The support team does more than administration: it mobilizes the development of new ministries and organizes all the technical, safety, and ministry training which our youth leaders require.