Young people need the right sort of social context in which to develop. They need to get out and about, develop a network of friends, and learn from good role models.

The Crescent operates an extensive youth programme. About 200 children and young people pass through Crescent youth works each week, in various parts of Belfast. We are part of a world–wide church–based organization called “rallies”. Every Boys Rally (EBR) and Every Girls Rally (EGR) are based on Christian principles and seek to cater for the physical, educational, social and spiritual needs of its members. The word ‘every’ is important: our rallies are open to everyone irrespective of background, religion or ability.

A typical night will include sports and team games; an informal educational session and an epilogue on real–life issues based on the teaching of the Bible. Two adventure weekends are held, one in November and one at Easter. All the rallies join together during the summer for a camp.

The Church operates other youth activities as well as the rallies – a Youth Fellowship, Youth Club, Bible School and Bible Class. All our workers operate under the auspices of the Church’s Child Protection policies.

A world with no boundaries

The transition into adulthood is invariably a traumatic and exciting experience. Modern society places pressure on teenagers to conform, and it provides no boundaries to guide young people into a wholesome, Biblical, lifestyle. So the teenagers who attend the Crescent fellowship are encouraged to become part of an open, inclusive group of young people: a group that supports each other, has fun together, and learns together. Our Bible teaching to young people aims to instill Biblical principles within them rather than enforce specific lifestyle rules upon them.

Crescent young people are encouraged to become part of the church’s community life, rather than live in a separate sub–culture. During the month of August our services are designed primarily to support children and teenagers. Our aim is to facilitate the development of relationships across the generations so that young people will be supported and encouraged by the adults in the Church.

We believe that the Church is not commanded to make converts. It is commanded to make disciples. In a world with no boundaries, only those who have been taught to follow Jesus Christ will be able to make the right choices in life.