“Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.”

A W Tozer once said, “we were created to worship; worship is the normal employment of moral beings.” Scripture shows that men and women were created with a unique gift – the ability to worship. At the dawn of creation we were formed with the privilege of being able to offer homage to our Creator. But the problem of our sin destroyed that ability to worship God. So it is only when we are regenerated by God the Holy Spirit that true worship of the Lord can be restored. From the new heart formed within the Christian there comes an outpouring of our soul to the Father as Giver, to the Son as Saviour, and to the Holy Spirit as the indwelling Counsellor.

Worship is the occupation of the soul with God Himself. It is the highest place we can reach. Worship is not something which can be manufactured. It is a reaction within the human soul to the revealed Person and purposes of God. That is why the Lord Jesus taught us not only to worship ‘in spirit’, but to worship ‘in spirit and in truth’. So in all our Church services, but particularly in our communion service, we focus on the character and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is this thoughtful engagement with revealed Truth which gives rise to worship in our hearts.